Cooking is my passion , it's so relaxing ,so refreshing and like meditation !!!

(Kadhi Chawal)vrat ke

For kadhi/ yogurt gravy :-

Singhade ka atta/ water chestnut flour  – 1/2 cup
Butter milk – 2 cups
Bay leaf – 4-5
Green chilli- 3-4

Red chilli Whole – 2
Salt as per taste
Sugar 1/4 tsp

For barnyard millet / rice(for fast)

Vrat ke chawal/ barnyard millet -1/2 cup
Cumin seed- 1/4 tsp
Chopped vegetables (carrot,potato etc)
Green chilli-1
Green coriander -1 tbsp


For kadhi/ yogurt curry

Mix singhade ka atta in buttermilk beat till all lumps disappear. 
Heat ghee in a wok. Add bay leaf and ginger- green chilli paste in it stir and add whole red chilli .
Add singhade ka atta and butter milk mixture in it . Boil kadhi on medium flame till thick add sugar, salt and pepper in it .
Serve hot with vrat ke chawal .

Barnyard millet / rice (for fast)

Wash and soak rice with one cup of water.
Heat a pan and add ghee in it . Add cumin seeds and green chilli stir and add fine chopped vegetables in it .
Add tomatoes and stir well add salt and pepper .
add rice with water in it .
Cook till done add coriander and cottage cheese for garnishing .
Serve with kadhi .


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