Cooking is my passion , it's so relaxing ,so refreshing and like meditation !!!

kuch mitha ho jai

gajar ka halwa 

winter season and yum yum gajar ka halwa “carrot halwa” wow yuuuuuuummmm
my grand ma was superb making all this and i am lucky i am shearing all this with you all
whenever my mom, and grandmom used to make this halwa in extreme winter evening’s me and my bro used to sit near fire and whenever we got chance we used to taste it with spoon quietly hahaha….

1 kg carrot

1 lit-milk
250 gm- mava “khoya”
3 cup- sugar
2 cup – ghee
1/4 cup- chopped dry fruits of your choice
few whole almonds and cashew nuts
cardamom powder 

wash,peel and grate carrots.
take a heavy bottom pan or kadai .
heat ghee in pan and fry few almonds and cashew in it.
take it out and keep aside .
now add grated carrot in it and stir it well .
add milk in it and bring it to boil , keep stirring it on low flame, till all milk thickens up .
now add sugar in it and mix well add grated khoya in it and mix well
add cardamom powder and chopped nuts in it.
rost it till ghee separate 
add fried nuts in it and serve hot .

Comments on: "kuch mitha ho jai" (2)

  1. So rich n delicious..nice recipe!US Masala

  2. thanks a lot aipi….

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