Cooking is my passion , it's so relaxing ,so refreshing and like meditation !!!


Mridula K Bharadwaj August 30 at 12:31pm
hello mrs sharma…

here’s one of my festive recipes…

Makai wada(sweet)

it is indeed an awesome recipe Mridula thanks a lot!!


fresh corn (2 cups)
grated jaggery (3/4 cup)
1 elaichi
oil for deep frying

grind the corn into a smooth paste( do not add water)
now mix the grated jaggery and elaichi powder
make small tikkis out of the dough and deep fry them until golden brown…ur sweet makai wada are ready ( u can use sweet corn if u wish to)

Makai wada(hot)


fresh corn(2 cups)
1 small onion(chopped)
kadi patta(1 stick)
few fresh coriander leaves(chopped)
chilli powder 1/2 teaspoon
salt to taste
oil for deep frying

grind the corn into a smooth paste without adding water
now add all the ingredients except the oil and mix well.
make small tikkis and deep fry till golden brown.

hope u like them…


Mala Nanikram August 19 at 12:02pm
Noodle and veg meat bake.
1 pc boiled noodles…(small pack)
i cup nutri or mealmaker granules….soaked in salted water for 10 mns

3 medium sized onions…chopped finely
puree of 4 or 5 tomatoes..
garam masala..dhania powder,chilli powder.jera powder….all 1 medium tbsp each…ginger garlic paste 2 spoons
oil for cooking
3 eggs beaten up well..
In 4 tbsp oil fry onions till pink
squeeze the nutri and add to onions..ffry for deep colour…when almost brown add the masala powders and ginger garlic..fry for two mins…add thetomato puree and cook on low heat… not add water….when the nutri is dry cool down add salt as needed..remeber the nutri was soaked in salt water
add the noodles…and mix well…..when cool add the eggs well beaten…stir well….line a dish with oil and pour the mix….u can
micro wave for 7 minutes or bake for 10 to 12 mins….serve decorated withcoriander leaves…and a pinch of shahjeera…cut into squares and serve with chutney or sauce….

thank you mala di


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